Increase Online purchases

Reduce Product Returns

Create Engaging Promotions

70% Of Shopping Carts are Abandoned

E-commerce owners don’t have intuitive knowledge of their web visitors’ needs & increased advertising does NOT mean more sales.

We Convert Abandoned Carts into Cash

We get it! You deserve to know how to relate to your site visitors and convert them into loyal customers.
e-Commerce owners deserve to know which patterns convert into the best paying customers.




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Swarmalytics put simply creates a “hive-mind” to produce superintelligent results powered by Swarm Intelligence.

Swarm Intelligence in Action

How It Works?

1. SWARM your Website

Our intelligent bee-like agents begin to analyze every single action your web visitors make.

2. Discover the Patterns

Powered by Swarm Intelligence, we discover new revenue generating algorithms and uncover revenue losing patterns.

3. Implementation

You can now creatively produce new engaging promotions and alerts to influence your web visitors.

Let’s Get in Touch!?

  • Step 1 – Discovery Call

    We’ll jump on a zoom & discuss some of your main issues and install Swarmalytics at no cost for the first 3 months to prove we can make a difference.

  • Step 2 – Choose the Right Plan

    Swarmalytics will provide you with the best monthly option to continue gathering the right data based on your unique needs.

  • Step 3 – Reap the Rewards

    Implement a wide array of promotions, coupons and other digital marketing strategies which continue to help you sell more.

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